You were born, grown up and still living among lies
Whole pieces of your life are missing
An aimless and joyless travel towards death
Surely ain’t the reason of your existence

You’ve been stigmatised, you’ve been castrated
You’ve been muzzled and mentally scarred
You’ve been programmed to live in deceit
Live like a slave and die like a slave

The power is you, the power lies within you
Feel it flowing from your will
Live your life the way you want it
The only authority is yourself!

Together we can do everything!
We can expel the vision of the end
That looks near at hand
We can live as free men
as proud and free men
We can tear down the wall and see
A whole new life of joy awaiting for us!

(translation provided by the band)

This is a song for Villa Amalias, Squat.

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